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    “send to” function returns bad emails?


    by jason ·

    We use Exchange server 5.5 (SP4) on a winnt (4.0) server with Win98 clients running Office 2000 (Outlook 2000).
    We recently upgraded one client to WinXP (new system)and it runs Office XP (Outlook 2002) Now, whenever the WinXP user tries to use the “send to” function in the shell menu to attach items to an email, the email is rejected immediately upon sending it. The following is the error message from the email client (outlook 2002):
    Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

    Sent: 7/25/2003 5:36 PM

    The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

    ‘’ on 7/25/2003 5:36 PM
    The recipient name is not recognized
    The MTS-ID of the original message is: c=US;a= ;p=DOMAIN;l=NTSERVER-030726003531Z-2

    It does not matter what email address you send to. The only exception is if you send interoffice email…then it works fine.

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      Reply To: “send to” function returns bad emails?

      by ping_me_mcse ·

      In reply to “send to” function returns bad emails?

      It is due to Mail Relay problem in IMS.Check your IMS,Mail routing setup under relay only to the domain,Advanced settings.

      or configure your Outlook clinet 2002 to use Exchange RPC to connect to the server.

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        Reply To: “send to” function returns bad emails?

        by jason ·

        In reply to Reply To: “send to” function returns bad emails?

        OK, how do you actually configure Outlook 2000 that way, though. And I could not follow how to check IMS. Please be specific about how to find the settings you mention in Windows XP and Outlook 2000. Thanks.

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