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Send To - "Operation Failed" Outlook

By michael ·
Having an issue with my Outlook I believe. If anyone has any suggestions, like to hear 'em.

When I attempt to "Send To" mail recipient, a Dialog Box opens (Windows); looks like:

Operation Failed

Just started happening and it's driving me crazy, since I use this only a million times a day!

Help please!


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RE: Send To - Mail Recipient - Operation Failed Outlook

by ccchips9876 In reply to Send To - "Operation Fail ...

The reason it fails is because this is the second time you've attempted the Send To >> Mail Recipient task, without having the Outlook Application actually running. The Send To option uses a MAPI-Mail process instead of the full Outlook Application. It is a one-time shot, while the OUTLOOK.EXE process is still running. To fix it, simply open Task Manager >> Processes tab and right-click OUTLOOK.EXE then click the End Process option.

To repeat the Error:
When you have Outlook closed, right-click an object and choose the Send To >> Mail Recipient task, that function is the MAPI-Mail service running an OUTLOOK.EXE process to push the email & attachment out to your network/isp. That is a convenience shortcut created by Microsoft. But, and here is the kicker, XP holds that OUTLOOK.EXE service open, maybe a bit too long (personal opinion).

With the Outlook Application still closed and the OUTLOOK.EXE process running, if you attempt to use the identical Send To >> Mail Recipient task, you will receive an Operation Failed! error. This is because the Send To command, which attempts to start the OUTLOOK.EXE bumps into the already running OUTLOOK.EXE service and generates an error, which is incorrectly passed to the OS in the form of a desktop pop-up error. Technically, that error should have been redirected into the Outlook Application, where it could have been properly managed. It is simply a poorly managed error trapping issue between the MAPI-Mail process and the Outlook application.

The funny thing is, it still happens in Outlook 2007. But there is hope that MS will un-bug it in Outlook 2010, maybe???

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