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Send .vb message box through-out network

By w_g_ellis ·
I was assigned a task write a script for and auto-reboot for all network PC's. The network has all XP Pro operating systems. The script works just fine, but now I have been asked to include a message box that will be sent to each PC letting the user know that they will be logged off in five minutes. I have the .vb script on the DC1 controller and the PC names pull from a text file. Is a visual basic script the way to go or would a batch file work better? I really need to be able to have the message show up on every PC. I do not want to have any user input. I just want the message to show up, for example 20, and then leave.

Thanks in advance for all help

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Send .vb message box thro ...

Well how you go here depends on what exactly it is that you want to happen. If all you need to do is push out a message to every End User is it necessary to pull the computer names?

If you are performing a shutdown incrementally and only shutting down several computer or a entire department at a time A batch file would be the better way to go.

But if you are shutting down everything just add a few lines of VB at the beginning of your existing code to perform this task as all you really need to do is allow the users to know what is about to happen so that they can save any work and stand clear of the computers till the reboot.

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by gary In reply to Send .vb message box thro ...

Why mess around with a script?

SHUTGUI.EXE will give you all of that and it includes a dialog box with a a message.

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