Sending a video file through aol email

By rezrider ·
Hello is there a way to send a 23MB video file (quicktime)using aol email I receive an error saying that the video file is to large 16MB max. Thank you

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Are you sure?

by Kenone In reply to Sending a video file thro ...

The last I heard, admittedly some months ago, AOL's max e-mail size was 6mb.

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Courtesy AOL postmaster...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Sending a video file thro ...

"What is the maximum e-mail message size that AOL Members can accept from the Internet?

The largest piece of e-mail that an AOL member can accept from or send to the Internet is 16 megabytes. This includes the message text, headers and the attachment combined. This size cannot be configured by the Member, or adjusted by the Postmaster."

Page last updated 2006, AOL Postmaster.

The odds are good that you need to find a way to compress it to within the size limitation imposed by AOL. I don't know of a good utility that will do this. Sorry.

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Simple. You just RAR it first ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sending a video file thro ...

RAR the video file. When RAR kicks in you can specify that you want the compressed file to be split up into chunks.

Specify something like 6MB then it'll split it into 4 chunks of xxx.RAR, xxx.001, xxx.002, and xxx.003.

You can send 'em two at a time as attachments, or for safety's sake - send 'em as four individual emails (that way if the email fails for whatever reason, you've only lost one part).

When they reach the other end, the recipient (who also needs RAR installed) just double clicks on the file xxx.RAR and RAR re-assembles the component parts into one uncompressed file.

You can get WinRAR from here:

WinRAR is a far more efficient file compressor than Zip or Ace and can uncompress both of them anyway. It also has a slick frontend.

Job done. :)


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Thanks for that tidbit, OM...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Simple. You just RAR it f ...

I'd give you a thumb!

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