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Sending forms on a web page

By corkyo4 ·
Hi this is probably a really dum question but how do you send emails on a web site like an email form wihout using outlook express. I have a couple of forms on my webpage and when i put the links in and click submit they always load outlook express.I am hosting with brinkster at the moment and i believe they don't have mailing servers to use can anyone suggest anything. Can you please keep it simple aswell as i am not the most advanced user of html..


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you can have a link to send a mail which calls another JSP/Servlet.
instead of saying mailto:xyz@xyz.com you can say
<a href="mailme.jsp">xyz@xyz.com</a>.. On click of this link it goes to your jsp page and does not open outlook Express.

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No basic explanation

by gokhan In reply to Mail

You would need one of scripting languages working on your server(PHP/Perl/JSP) and have rights to send email with this scripting languages.
I would recommend you to check hotscripts.com for form mail scripts. They usually come with easy to install document.
Good luck
Gokhan Arli (Web Developer)
www.sylow.net / www.sylow.nl

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by frostbite In reply to Sending forms on a web pa ...

unfortunately, the free hosting solution in brinkster does not allow mail relaying... so you're trapped with the browser launching the user's client mail method.

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Sending forms on a web page - ASP

by Brent_D In reply to Sending forms on a web pa ...

just use asp and cdo

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