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    Sending HTML email from ACT 2006 8.0


    by kirkd ·

    Im trying to send an HTML document out through Mail merge from ACT 2006 8.0. I can pull the document in or I can also save the HTML document under ACT’s Temmplate folders. When I send the email the pictures dont appear. I also had the Pictures and HTML document loaded on our server.

    How can this be fixed. Do I need to purchase an add-on module. Every thing im reading about ACT 2006 8.0 has disabled the feature to send HTML documents.

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      by kirkd ·

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      are you….

      by blckspder ·

      In reply to Sending HTML email from ACT 2006 8.0

      are you using absolute addresses to the pictures in the templates? I’m not sure that you can even use absolute addresses anyways.
      Act tends to recode everything once it is placed in the template and assign its own locations rather than what you put.
      My company also uses ACT 2006 and we ran into the same problem.. I actually had to purchase the key to access the sql database and create an external mailing form using PHP to access the contacts and send an html newsletter.
      We have run into a lot of problems with ACT especially when it comes to emails.
      Let me know how you make out. I would be interested to know if you find a solution and to see if I can apply it also.

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        HTML email from ACT

        by kirkd ·

        In reply to are you….

        Thanks for the response. After doing a little research it looks like in the newer version of ACT 2006 and on that the ability to send HTML documents were disabled. I found several references saying to purchase an add on call High Impact email 4.0. Ill find out when I receive the CD.

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      Sending HTML email from ACT 2006

      by scazmarketing ·

      In reply to Sending HTML email from ACT 2006 8.0

      Ok, this issues has almost had me dropping the laptop in a pool. After extensive hours spent on customer support with ACT, I find out that this feature won’t overlay HTML mail merge docs to Outlook Express so that pictures are viewable, links are not broken and HTTP:// address links remain hidden. Instead, it tries to send Plain Text which is making my Mail Merges look like some crappy company is sending them…completely eliminating the purpose of a personalized MAIL MERGE! There has got to be a work-around for this outside of upgrading to the new ACT software (for $ 299.00). Keep me posted as this is one of the most important features that I would use in ACT.

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        Act 2006 HTML Mail Merge

        by kirkd ·

        In reply to Sending HTML email from ACT 2006

        I found a work around. Act 2006 doesnt allow HTML mail merge features through outlook. Well it does but the images wont work (so it doesnt).
        I purchased a software called High Impact eMail for around $65.00 (a Sage product). I used this program several times now and I loke the results. High Impact integrates with Act 2006. You can create folders and import the list created from Act into High Impact. For the cost its not bad.

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          by blckspder ·

          In reply to Act 2006 HTML Mail Merge

          for posting that… I wrote something using PHP and pulls from the database via odbc… Ill definitley check this sotware out. Thanks.

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          ACT 2007 – Don’t bother

          by david ·

          In reply to Thanks

          Don’t even bother upgrading – ACT! 2007 doesn’t do decent html merges either.

          The program you are mentioning – will it allow me to create an html document and merge it in a way that I can actually use the user defined fields?

          I need to send my newletter to a specific lookup and I need the ability to add in, “Hello “…. etc.

          You literally cannot do this with ACT! 2007.

          Also… I’m not sure about ACT! 2006, but in the older version I used, I could easily do html mail merges (utilizing udf’s and all). Here’s how – I’d simply go to -edit template – select emailbody.gmt – I’d paste my html piece right on it (copy if from wherever you have it) – I’d then “save as” and save it as a different name. Voila – I’d simply pick this for the mail merge and it worked.

          Let me know if that works on 2006 and most importantly let me know if that program will help me send an email to certain lookups with the user defined fields.

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          U can easily do html merges with 2006

          by david ·

          In reply to ACT 2007 – Don’t bother

          I found the answer to my own questions regarding the program and ACT! 2007. You can no longer do html merges of any consequence with ACT! 2007 as they no longer have a seperate email template (.gmt extension)… now all editing of emails is via word documents. Congratulations Sage Software – u freakin morons.

          But back to you guys ACT! 2006. Number one the program mentioned has a free trial for 30 days. Number two… if you already have your HTML newsletter or whatever you want made… you don’t need the program. You just do what I explained above…. you basically just edit the template named “emailbody.gmt” then save it as the template you want use to merge. There’s even a free ebook that explains how to do on the same site that offers the program (!). Here’s the link, let me know if you got it to work….

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          I agree

          by blckspder ·

          In reply to U can easily do html merges with 2006

          with the freakin morons part… After continued use and support of the product… The company I work for is looking for an alternative we have just had to many problems with the software as a whole, not just with the html email.

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          ACT is Lame

          by mraftice ·

          In reply to I agree

          My Company Bought Act in an effort to save money. What a joke! We have spent countless man hours and endured much frustration just getting it to meet our basic needs. The fact that you cannot use word as your email edit client and have ACT update the contact’s history is weak. Also the fact that thier own word processor is text only is just plain bad. I am looking for a product now that will allow us to continue to use Word with Outlook and not have to manually update the history. Also, the ability to customize reports is severely limited. You can make reports with fields from Contacts or Opportunites but not both at the same time. They cannot be mixed on a report. WEAK WEAK WEAK!

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          The Justice Department Should Investigate Sage/Act

          by west ·

          In reply to I agree

          Act is the biggest rip off, waste of time product I have ever used. I use three computers for my business and their salesman told me I need to buy 3 packages from them. So, like a sucker, I did only to find out later I could use one package for up to three computers. Then I received emails telling me how I should upgrade to ACT 2007 for better efficiancy. Again, I suckered up and it ruined my database and for some reason my password no longer worked. You would think customer service would work. After all, even McDonald’s will provide new fries if they are too salty. But no. The scam artists said that my free customer service had ended but, hey, you can talk to us for some rediculous amount of money.

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      High Impact EMail for ACT! Photos / Calling kirkd

      by janetvalenza ·

      In reply to Sending HTML email from ACT 2006 8.0

      Photos disappear from mail merge in ACT!2007 Version 9.
      They are critical for my business in email. I understand High Impact EMail software will fix this.
      Does anyone have experience w/ how much time / work / computer knowledge is involved after purchasing the software to make this work?
      Thanks, Janet

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