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Sending out an e-mail tonight to all my clients...

By ericschlissel ·
recommending they not upgrade to Windows 8. It's not ready for business, and may never be.

This seems to be the norm. But does anybody have any differing opinions on this? Are we all in agreement here?

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While it may be the ideal at the moment

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sending out an e-mail ton ...

I think you'll find that quite a few will end up supporting it indirectly. The M$ Surface and Windows Phone 8 will be the way it gets into a business and will be what drives 8's Adoption.

Be very sure to inform your clients about the difference between the RT and Pro versions of the Surface and that the RT Version will not do what the sales people tell their customers it will in a Business Environment.

Like all new M$ Offerings I stick with the old adage never adopt till the First Service Pack becomes available.

Of course if you are doing Domestic Work then I'm sure that you'll have a lot end up with 8 as that will be all that they can buy when they get a new computer very soon.


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Windows 8 sneaking in, Windows 7 availability

by ericschlissel In reply to While it may be the ideal ...

I agree that it will sneak in, as Vista did before it, and that most of us will end up supporting it in one form or another. However, given our experience with it, I think Microsoft will backpedal and offer a more business-friendly version, or push Windows 9 out the door much earlier than expected. Nobody's really talking about it yet, but they will face a huge backlash if Windows 7 downgrades become unavailable.

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