Sending text message coupons

By gary ·
an sms text message can be sent from any email program to any phone as long as someone has the number and carrier.

I want to provide my members with text coupons on demand for a few restaurants that will experiment with this.
So, the visitor enters their cell phone number and carrier on the page, A conversion table makes this into the sms address. ex.

How do I create automatically send a pre-formatted email (text message) to someone.

I have links for Outback, Ruth Chris' Olive Garden & Red Lobster. User enters the contact data and select a restaurant. Seconds later I want them to receive an SMS that says for example "Outback Steakhouse 25% off except alcohol bev. Good until 3-31-09".
Basically a preformatted outbound 140 character email Thanks!!

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1-800-PIK-A-BIZ The best way to a business and text coupon!

by pikabiz In reply to Sending text message coup ...

Being smart while mobile! After seeing "Will Smith's" new movie "7 pounds" one can only imagine how easily this could happen to them! It is not clear if he (Will Smith) was sending, typing or reading a text while driving, when he crashed! How many of us has already been distracted by "texting" when driving, that could have resulted in an accident? This is truly a huge concern for parents and most everyone! If only these social networks and phone services warn users of the dangers more, apply ideas such as: phone app. that (when vehicle is moving, no text will be received or sent) or better ways to consider the end users safety (since texting is mainly on "Mobile" phones) One company has thought of a better way to get information and coupons on the cell phone with using just voice, 1-800-PIK-A-BIZ is a toll free business interactive information and coupon directory that is totally free to the caller with the added advantage of "eyes forward usage". It is great that these new eco friendly coupon delivery services are being embraced as long as they stay focused on user safety!

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