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Sense of Entitlement and Bleeding Edge requirements

By mbramlett032 ·
Maybe it is just me, and maybe it is "just me" because I am over the age of 40 but; am just curious if other IT managers run into this hiring issue:
New talent is "constantly surprised" that you do not have 'state-of-the-art', all current, bleeding edge software / hardware?????
I run a small software company and it is becoming a somewhat of a sore point, that no - we do not offer blackberry; no - we do not develop on Vista machines and no; we have not implemented MS2008 servers yet.

Not only that---- but yes - we still use antiquated T1s (not 300mbps Fios).

Is it just because of my age, because our company is not listed on the stock-exchange - or what??

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It's not you

by NickNielsen In reply to Sense of Entitlement and ...

Every time something new comes out, it's advertised on TV, the Web, and in magazines. The kids jump right on the bandwagon and think that business does the same. Enough schools manage to have one bleeding edge lab in their infrastructure that it reinforces this belief.

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Excellent point...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to It's not you

Enough schools manage to have one bleeding edge lab in their infrastructure that it reinforces this belief.

Curriculum is updated to bleeding edge, too. This tends to surprise me, at least as regards technology and the notion that we are teaching students valuable skills. We no longer teach DOS, early versions of NT, and we are dropping XP in favor of Vista.

Our networking lab runs the latest and greatest from Cisco, but how many businesses do?

This strikes me as bad policy in that our students are not being prepped with the skills to manage what the businesses that may hire them are actually running on their hardware.

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Its not you...

by JamesRL In reply to Sense of Entitlement and ...

My company is listed on the stock exchange, and many of you know its name.

We chose not to implement new technology till we feel its ready. Our customers get 2003 servers, and we only recently moved to 2005. We don't ship PCs with Vista yet.

Hardware is a little different - we get IBM servers and get advance notice of new models so we can plan. We can test a new server against our software in weeks. But we still have smaller customers on 5 year old servers with windows 2000 server and they run our apps just fine thanks.

Don't pander to the newbies. It doesn't pay to be bleeding edge when your customers want reliable.


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