Sent meeting request in Outlook. Received reply from non-recipient.

By GSI_tech ·
This is a very strange issue.

I'm running a Windows SBS2000 server (AD and Exchange). All clients
are Outlook 2003. Twice this has happened, where a user(different
user both times) will send a meeting request to other users in the
office and the senders have received an out of office reply from a user
to whom the meeting request was not sent.

Both times this occurred it was the same recipient whom they received
the out of office reply from. In both cases, Out of office assistant was
enabled on that users account.

Both times I checked the headers on the original message and also
confirmed there was no mail forwarding enabled. I also tested this
after, by sending a meeting request from the senders computer, to
the recipients in the original meeting request, and I could not
duplicate the problem.

I'm a little stumped.

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Me too.

by Computer LUser In reply to Sent meeting request in O ...

I have the exact same problem. In my case, the out of office user is not setup as a delegate for the other user. At least, not when viewed from the Outlook (2007) client.
I hope that this issues does not go un-noticed since I'm sure we both could use some help.

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Invited as attendee?

by Lei Fan In reply to Sent meeting request in O ...

Is that user who had the Out of Office Assis turned on invited as a required attendee or optional attendee?

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RE: Invited as Attendee?

by GSI_tech In reply to Invited as attendee?

No, she was not invited at all.

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Go here:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Fixed it

by GSI_tech In reply to Go here:

Yeah, that did it. The user was setup as a delegate for another user, in Outlook. It took a while to track down who it was but I deleted her as a delegate and the issue is resolved.

Thanks Peconet

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by PRSupport In reply to Sent meeting request in O ...

To fix this you need to go to Tools > Options in the meeting request recipients Outlook, then go to the delegates tab.

Go to all users who have sent a out of office reply and make sure that the tick box with 'Delegate recieve copys of meeting related messages to me' remains UNTICKED.


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zombie alert

by PurpleSkys In reply to FIXED (?)

again...and if you read the post through, you would have seen that yes, the OP did get it fixed

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