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SEO - Backlinking

By Emma Parker ·
Tags: Google
Is it necessary to have more backlinks from your competitors to beat them on google ranking

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SEO Backlinking

by emmapt26 In reply to SEO - Backlinking

Yes, it's necessary to more backlinks from your competitors

Why Backlink Data Is Important

Collecting backlink data is important because it allows you to figure out exactly why you or your competitors are ranking for any given search term.
You can use this data to build a golden database of backlinks that you can re-use time and time again to drive traffic to your websites.
But before you do that, you should…
Building The Perfect Foundation.

Step 1 – Check Competitor Backlinks
Best Competitor Backlinks Checker- Ahrefs tools /
Open Site Explorer
Step 2 – Creating A Master List Of Competitor Backlinks
Competitor Backlink Analysis - RankCracker

Thanks & Regards,
Techtiq Solutions

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Re: SEO Backlinking

by malese1 In reply to SEO - Backlinking

Overall, yes. Each backlink that points to your site acts as a 'vote of confidence' on Google. However, it's important that the sites that link back to you are also high quality, authoritative websites. This shows Google that users are talking about your content and it assists with further establishing your site's traffic and credibility.

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Value of Getting the Back link..

by mediacynexis In reply to Re: SEO Backlinking

I am seo expert and i can understand the value of the link to rank in Google..
I would like to do guest posting and blog commenting. You can feel Free to write for us

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Quality backlinks!

by sherlyjackson31 In reply to SEO - Backlinking

I don't recommend you to build more backlinks for your website. But decent and quality backlinks would be nice to rank.

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Creating Backlinks

by wtech987 In reply to Quality backlinks!

Sir you are correct focus on quality insted of focusing on quantity.

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SEO - Backlinking

by claraclarac12 In reply to SEO - Backlinking

Backlink to a website is done by building links to that website. By using off-page techniques like blog posting, guest blogging, profile creation, image sharing, blog commenting are helps to build backlink so that keyword ranking also improves.

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by naiduselvi2 In reply to SEO - Backlinking

Yes, to rank your site on Google it is necessary to build Backlinks.
But only backlinking won't work it goes hand in hand.
1- Content

All these are the major factors to rank your website.

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Creating backlinks

by Neelprosystem In reply to SEO - Backlinking

The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.

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SEO - Backlinking

by claraclarac12 In reply to SEO - Backlinking

To get an organic result by creating backlinks to a website and drive traffic to that website are done by SEO.

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Backlinks counts for 22% of the link strength

by Denielve In reply to SEO Backlinking

I have read some articles from Ahrefs and Backlinko, they analyzed billions of links and figure out backlinks are still very important. Like emmapt26 says, we have to build a soilid foundation and then expand the link strategy to compete with other sites.
I highly recommend Ahrefs tools.
Best regards, Denielve

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Building Backlinks

by maxellam83 In reply to SEO - Backlinking

Its important to note that other factors other than SEO backlinks are very much needed for a site to rank in search engines. domain factors are very critical to search engines in determining the authority of that site. Here are 9 of these domain factors

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