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By mes480 ·
I have a network sites, and i need a soft to promote in the same time more sites. Link exchange, search engines, directory, PR, etc...
Less efort, quality and speed.

If you think that you need some linke for example:

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How about

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to SEO Soft

posting to discussion sites such as Tech Republic in the form of a question / opinion with a suggestion that for examples of what you are talking about they link to your sites.

Damn I'm cunning, can't think where such an idea came from.

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from the

by Jaqui In reply to How about

depth of your depraved mind?

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Depravity is a possibility

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to from the

Otherwise I'd have to admit coming up with an idea like that indicated a total lack of respect for my fellow man coupled with a total lack of ethical principals.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Depravity is a possibilit ...

isn't that what TR is all about?

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Web position gold

by Oz_Media In reply to SEO Soft

Tried the rest went to the best.
First PLaces Software's Web position Gold.

Others offer single interfaces for SEO but WPG offers it all, including trackig, reporting (including comparissons to competitor sites and information on how to beat them out), etc.

I have used it since it's initial versions, and by far it is the most all around and comprehensive tool available. The knoeldgebase is updated almost weekly to ensure the most recent Search Engins Algirythims are updated and compared against.

It allows you to create seperate pages based on teh engine they are being submitted to, link exchang and tracking, keyword analysis, Alt tag balancing, word weighting etc. and too much more to even begin listing here.

I have had almost every site I've built in the top 5 of Google, Yahoo etc. for years and they have never fallen.

I would rank it overall as a 10/10!

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by mes480 In reply to Web position gold

Where can i find it and how mouch $$ cost me?

Many thanks for suggestions

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Promoting a network of sites

by multiis1 In reply to SEO Soft

I have a network of sites I have to promote for people, these:


Are just a few. I was wondering is there a quick easy method of promoting more than one site at a time to the search engines and directories?

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by mehra10al In reply to SEO Soft

If you are looking to promote many sites, you need to work on every site, more info <a href="http://www.finder6.com/seo_training_west_delhi.html">SEO Training in Delhi</a>...

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