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Separator Pages for Printers

By jasonbis ·
Separator pages work just fine in Windows except when printing to HP Laserjet 5SI's. I configured the .sep file to say what I want and it works good on every printer but a 5SI. The 5SI prints the page OK but it prints it on 11x17. It's not in the .sep file because all other printers print the page on 8 1/2 x 11.

I have looked into the settings on the printer itself but do not see any options to change the default tray for a separator page. Users need to print 11x17 so that tray must stay there but something must be telling the 5si to print that separator page 11x17.

The answer I am looking for is how to get it to print on 8 1/2 x 11 or a free third-party product that prints banner pages to try them instead.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Separator Pages for Print ...

i wonder if the printer 'knows' it has 11x17 paper in that tray? have you done a self test? i betcha it reports it has 8.5x11 paper in that tray...
otherwise, the 5si emulates a laserjet 4, pretty sure, so you could try that driver...or you could see what else it emulates.

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by jasonbis In reply to

Good idea. The tray was set for 8.5x11 but even when I changed it, it still prints 11X17. I don't get it. We aren't using any laserjet 4's so I am unsure if it would happen to those as well or not. Any other ideas?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Separator Pages for Print ...

With all HP Lasers you have to manually set the page size in each tray as there are no monitoring switches in the trays. You should be able to do this by opening the printer panel left clicking on the printer in question and then using the advanced option alter the size of the paper in the individual trays. Check the HP site for any updated printer drivers as they should have something there if the current driver doesn't have this option.

Mita had a similar problem in not being able to recognise different size paper and I had to wait for a software update to become available to cure that problem. Prior to that every time that someone wanted to print from the non default tray that had to manually resize the paper.

But as all HP Lasers are made by Canon that is exactly how you deal with the problem with the Canon Printers so it should be the same in the HP driver.


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by jasonbis In reply to

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by Sue T In reply to Separator Pages for Print ...

Couple of suggestions you might want to try. If you are using a pcl driver then try using a post script driver. If that doesn't work then try an older/newer driver. Doing this has fixed several problems I have had with HP printers. Also, didn't the 5si have a couple of different models so maybe double check the model against the installed driver.

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by jasonbis In reply to

I tried the pcl .sep and it worked great. I actually closed this question last night and am not sure why it remained open. Something screwy happened so I will award you the points even though I figured it out last night. Enjoy. I am going to attempt to close this again.

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by jasonbis In reply to Separator Pages for Print ...

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