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    Seperating Networks


    by abramenkosam ·

    I have a strange situation here. A new client has asked me to help seperate there networs for them but at the same time allow for sharing of a few resources. (Printers, drives, ect.) To start the network is setup as follows. Have a T1 coming in to a 4 port swtich. From there there is a 2 cables, one to router1 and another cable to router2. From router 1 we have a cable to DC1 running 2003 server. And another cable to 2 24 port switch. On router2, there is only a cable going to another dc2 for a totally seperate domain. No switch there at all. Now everyone in the building is connected to the switchs and set on router1 for internet and network shareing ect. Their previous IT dept told them it was impossible to have two networks working together at the same time. So instead of setting up dc2 for sharing of drives they put share point on dc2, and set everyone up to go out throught the internet and then back in to hit the sharepoint. My job is to seperate the two networks but still be able to have a little sharing between the two. My idea was to plug router1 into 24 port switch1 and router2 into 24 port switch2. But then how would I solve the problem of setting up sharing between the two?

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      More info?

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      Does DC2 have any clients of its own? Are either of the DC’s Small Business Server or are they vanilla Server? Also what type of routers are they, SOHO router appliances or real routers like Cisco or similar?

      Since each DC is behind its own router, the networks are already separate so I’m not quite sure what you’re asking as far as separating the networks.

      At first glance, I would say configure the routers to route their IP networks to each other. Once you have IP routing properly between the routers, then put a trust in place between the DC’s (as long as they’re not SBS as SBS does not support trusts) and you’ll be able to utilize shares or anything else you want.

      Post back additional info.

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