Serial Ata Drive not found by bios

By don4biz ·
I have a Compaq Presario sr1130nx to which I am trying to install a new Hitachi 1tb 3gb Deskstar 7K1000 B serial ata HDD. The motherboard is ASUS A7V8X-LA or Kelut 2.02 GL6E and the bios is Phoenix v3.15 which is supposed to be the latest version.
The bios fails to recognize it or any serial ata's although there are two connectors on the motherboard and Compaq documentation of the bios shows serial ata's are found under the Advance tag. How do I get the BIOS to change the screens to ask if I have SATA HDD's? I'm running XP and the drive is 1tb.

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Check this link

by wanttocancel In reply to Serial Ata Drive not foun ...


According to this you need to look at these:

Onboard SATA Adapter
Onboard PATA/SATA Adapters
Onboard PATA/SATA Configuration

Hopefully you will see those options under the Advanced tab. If not, of if that doesn't help the computer see the drives post back.

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RE: Check this link

by don4biz In reply to Check this link

Thanks but I have already seen this document and the problem there is that the "Advanced" screen shown is for Megathreads not Award BIOS v3.15 which is what I have. Not quite clear what you mean by "drives post back".

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Where you appear to be going wrong here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Serial Ata Drive not foun ...

Is you have listed two different M'Boards and you appear to be reading the BIOS Directions of one and expecting it to be the same for both. This doesn't happen as the BIOS is different for each model M'Board.\

Here you would need to open the case and see the Make & Model of the M'Board then read up on that particular M'Board on the Makers Web Site.

However quite often with these older M'Boards they Do Not show any SATA Devices and you have to load a SATA Driver to allow them to work under Windows.


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re: Where you appear to be going wrong here

by don4biz In reply to Where you appear to be go ...

I agree that I am discussing two different MB's but that is the problem; I need to attach a sata drive but the documentation only mentions the other BIOS and neither ASUS or HP document the process for the BIOS version that I have. HP only says that it will deal with serial ata not how to attach it. ASUS built the board for HP so won't support it. Also I have no clue how to find/get needed sata driver or how to load it, if found.

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OK in that case then

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to re: Where you appear to b ...

Plug in the SATA Drive and it is connected. Quite often on older M'Boards SATA Drives do not appear in BIOS. As for the SATA Driver here it depends on what exactly you want to do. If it is to Install an OS on it you need to visit the HP Web Site and download either the SATA Driver or RAID Driver. Sometimes they can be called either so look to see what HP list for your Model from here or let it Auto Detect


Part of the Agreement between ASUS and HP is that ASUS doesn't offer any documentation for this M'Board as it was especially made for HP and isn't supposed to be available to anyone else. Though like all of these things it is similar to a existing Model and the Paperwork will be identical if you go digging. So look for the Same Chip Set and feature set in ASUS Products and you will have the necessary Documentation and Driver Support.

As for what your M'Board actually is try Belarc Adviser


It will give you the overview of this M'Board.


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