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Serial ATA Hard Drives

By markmoore24 ·
I am going to build a new computer and am wondering if these SATA Hard Drives are reliable and worth getting over the EIDE? Should I just look at EIDE or should I get an SATA? Thank you!

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by gralfus In reply to Serial ATA Hard Drives

It depends on a few issues. Your motherboard needs to support SATA, and hopefully not mixing it in with the PCI channel which will not use the full bandwidth of SATA (I hope I said that right). I'm waiting for the standards to settle down before switching, mostly for SATA II.

That said, some folks are using RAID0 arrays of the 74GB SATA drives and are having a blast with the speed, even with the PCI limit.

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by markmoore24 In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to Serial ATA Hard Drives

SATA drives are as reliable as IDE drives.
The mechanics of the drives are basically the same. The only major different is the electronics on the drive.

Current SATA speeds are the equivalent of ATA150.
So, a SATA drive will be up to 50% faster than a ATA100 drive, and 13% faster than an ATA133.

The main advantage right now is that it is MUCH easier to add SATA drives than IDE drives.
Further, 1 SATA channel typically can address at least 7 drives.

1 caveat, many motherboards that have both IDE and SATA controllers cannot boot off of the SATA drive.


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by markmoore24 In reply to

I did not know that 1 SATA channel could address 7 or more drives and I am also glad that you told me about the motherboards because I believe the one that I am looking at does in fact have both IDE and SATA. Thanks alot!

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by markmoore24 In reply to Serial ATA Hard Drives

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