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Serious computer problem

By asdfasdfasdf ·
How can i get windows xp to scatrch my *** when it itches? Also is it possible to make windows scan my eye so I can have complete privousy from the CIA.

Jessica Simpson

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by Maggot In reply to Serious computer problem

Yes, using your index and second finger as a support then placing thumb over the center hole of the CD. Place the CD against the buttocks and move in a brisk up and down motion. Pressure may be increased and decreased as desired or as need demands. This grasp of the CD is required should the need to re-install arise (which it will) You wouldn't want to damage the media from improper handling.

As to the CIA thing not much can be done other than to scan a picture of your hand in the universal salute of friendship and greeting and e-mail it to Langley.

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by korgmeister In reply to Serious computer problem

you need to maintain your xp to perform better, default configuration is lame!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Serious computer problem

You need the Expanded Plus Pack for XP with the High End Hardware included. As this is an expensive alternative not many places actually sell it and even fewer actually know about it and MS do not list it as a current product on their Web Site as it is currently only in Alpha Development.

But if you want to see an old prototype I suggest you hire the movie Electric Dreams that has all the currently Pre-Alpha hardware shown and while the software isn't well displayed it is there as well but you have to look carefully.

Col ]:)

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by FreeTechie In reply to Serious computer problem

Ahh, pfft... All you need is Windows Longshot, err... I mean Vista.

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by wlbowers In reply to Serious computer problem

If you got the bucks babe we can design and program any thing your little heart desires.


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