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Serious Spyware even on "Locked Down" PC's??

By herrmannator ·
It is my impression that most standard ("locked down") XP users in an enterprise setting have limited capability to become infected with the most dangerous spyware. Only the Power and Admin users seem to really get themselves into trouble. Have others found this to be the case, or has anyone found serious threats even on restricted users? Of course even restricted users can be loaded with cookies, but in terms of more serious threats like trojans, browser hijacks and key loggers, is my impression correct or have others found serious spyware threats on restricted users? If I'm wrong about this, what are some examples of serious spyware that can infect even restricted users? I would like to test and see for myself.

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by Jaqui In reply to Serious Spyware even on " ...

viruses can get in with restricted users, it's harder but it happens.
this is what exploits are about and why the patching / updating is so important.

spyware, even with limited users can be installed, as often a limited user will install something just for themselves that is spyware infested, like the smileys from smiley central.

you literally have to deny any installation rights to limited users, or switch os to one not as prone to the problems.

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That's right.....however

by dafe2 In reply to Serious Spyware even on " ...

It's true - A properly locked down box prevents 'serious' spyware infections.

In addition, using a good Enterprise Spyware tool prevents the odd 'nuissance' stuff from creeping in. We've also secured some registry keys in our 'master' image to ensure consistency in all desktop deployments.

Best defense = Educating users

**Note: Doomsday pundits will dispute this,
but the truth is - we haven't suffered any severe virus or mallware issues since 'Melissa' on any of our networks!

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