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    serious virus,beware!


    by intelligent ·

    I have got virus in Win XP. It is not affecting my computer but it is only affecting Internet Explorer. Whenever I want to access internet, the sites do not open. I have downloaded new version of anti virus from internet. It is detecting virus caled winhllp.gaobot.exe and win.phexis.exe etc…I delete them time and again. But they still do not get deleted completely.

    Why is this happening?
    What would be the reason?

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      Simular virus gaobot

      by irishsam ·

      In reply to serious virus,beware!

      I have had a simular problem with a gaobot that loads an executable called win32twain.exe and munches on my processors. I ran several different virus scans and deleted all pointers including the registry keys and it still would come back. I also found in the host file that the pointers would be messed up which could keep you from going to the URLs you want. Finally I got Panda antivirus to clean the gaobot worm for me.

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      Disable system restore

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to serious virus,beware!

      First you nee dot diable system restore before scanning and deleting files.

      Secondly, try seaching DEJA.COM for your virus and follow any MANUAL removal proceedures you find on Virus information sites.

      If you STILL have issues, the proper forum to post a technical issue to is the Technical Q&A forum. It is a points system and is laid out differently than this for more accurate and to the point results. People there WILL help you, rather than posting in a discussion forum.

      TECH Q&A can be found here:

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      Something to Try

      by geekygirl63 ·

      In reply to serious virus,beware!

      In addition to my job as an IT Manager for Uncle Sam, I also have my own computer services business. We ran into a similar problem, but on a Win98 machine. Virus scanners (AVG and Norton 2005) detected a virus (trojan startpage.19.j, would delete it but every time we started internet explorer. I finally got fed up and pulled the customers drive out, put it in as a second drive in my system and ran Norton AV 2005. It cleaned it successfully. If you have the opportunity to put your drive in a spare system and scan it, it might help. When used as a boot drive, processes kept starting up that we couldnt get rid of, and the virus kept respawning itself and hiding itself. Hope this helps, its worth a shot. 🙂 Tracy

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