serious Vista boot problem

By Norehca ·
ok, why is it so hard to get windows vista to recognize another OS? I installed Windows Vista. We all know Vista is new and some programs dont work well or at all on it. So i want XP on here as well. I install Windows Vista, create 2 other partitions a 50gb and a 20gb for backup. I install Windows XP on the 50gb partition. All it loads is Windows XP, it wont give me an option. So i boot from the vista cd and run the startup repair tool. Now it only loads Vista. How the **** do i fix this? Ive tried BootIt and Boot Mgic with no luck. Both partitions are on the same hard drive. The partitions go in this order: Vista (80GB), XP (50GB), backup (20GB). Also partition magic comes up with an error and wont let me edit my partitions. Along with that it shows 2 empty spots. Instead of 1 spot that sais unallocated, theres two spots one says free space and the other unallocated. I cant delete eithe rof them to merge with eachother. One is 8mb which is what Bootit used.

Please help.


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Dump Vista till it starts to work

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to serious Vista boot proble ...

I find it funny that all the Lemmings are rushing out to buy Vista because it's the newest and then start complaining that it doesn't work properly.

We already know of many bugs in the new system and as such it is something that I will not be considering for anything but testing purposes on a independent machine till it starts to actually work.

If you have the Upgrade Version of Vista it wipes out every XP install and from my Beta Testing I've found that I can only install different versions of Vista on the same computer on different HDD's even then it was limited to a 32 Bit & 64 Bit install. With the Volume License Copy that I've had since it was released currently I've been unable to install any other OS and Dual Boot off that system. Needless to say I've only so far used 1 of the 5 licenses that I purchased and I'm not in any hurry right at the moment to set Vista as the Production Platform to work off as it's way to unstable to consider and the software available is too limited. Even the Accounting Package for Office 2007 currently doesn't work with Vista.

I would suggest that you wait till Vista has been out a lot longer and then try to make it work but because of the way that M$ is making Vista I wouldn't be holding my breath hoping for it to start working correctly in the short term.


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This may prove of some use to you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dump Vista till it starts ...
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MS has always stated

by w2ktechman In reply to serious Vista boot proble ...

to install the oldest OS first in multi boot environments.

Personally, I keep these installs on seeprate HDD's completely. HDD's are not expensive enough to give me a headache over.

I get a cd drive bay for HDD's, and make it the boot drive. then I just swap drives (I have several trays).

edited to add, I refuse Vista at home so far with no plans to move to it.

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your right

by Norehca In reply to MS has always stated

i intended to reinstall evetyhing, staring from xp. I remember hearing that somewhere, but my mother needs this computer intact untill she gters her new laptop which is soon. ANyway this vistabootpro thingy i got worked.

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by willcomp In reply to serious Vista boot proble ...

Try this utility. I used it after having to do a repair install of XP on an XP/Vista dual boot system. Worked like a charm.


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by Norehca In reply to VistaBootPro

worked great, thanks much!

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You're Welcome

by willcomp In reply to nice
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Microsoft Virtual PC

by alain.rose In reply to You're Welcome

I am Running vista on my pc at work, since I am a computer consultant I need both XP and vista. Instead of dual boot I run XP using Microsoft VIrtual PC.
Now I can run both VISTA and XP at the same time. Much better the dual boot for me. Try it out if you like

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