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Seriously Microsoft!!?? 5 Versions of 7!???

By jmgarvin ·

I mean honestly, this is just out of hand and look at the price points!!?? What is MS trying to do?

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what are they trying to do?

by Jaqui In reply to Seriously Microsoft!!?? ...

restore their profit levels of course.

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That looks similar

by The Scummy One In reply to Seriously Microsoft!!?? ...

to Vista's arrangement (except the 32/46 bit duplicates).
However, I am wondering about the Ultimate being 'limited availability'. With how many Vista users jumped right to Ultimate, one would think that they would want Ultimate to be sold more, not restricted. Well, unless it's their way of trying to limit piracy...

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limit piracy?

by Jaqui In reply to That looks similar

try promote piracy, of "ultimate".

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I think you nailed it...

by jmgarvin In reply to limit piracy?

They aren't in it to sell it, they are in it to get people on it...regardless of how....

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I didnt say it would work.

by The Scummy One In reply to limit piracy?

just that it was their attempt :0

However, it may work a bit, if there are a limited number of codes that work, they can more quickly determine if any are being pirated, and shut them down faster.

However, I still think it'll get hacked to **** and if this is what it was intended for, it will be a flop.

too many dumba$$es at M$ these days -- well, all over the place actually

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Well like all things M$ it never works properly anyway

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I didnt say it would work ...

I currently an being told that the copy of Office 2003 that I have loaded on this system is not Genuine by the newest WGA release from M$.

I'll admit to using Pirate Software but only if M$ admit to selling it first. My copy came in a M$ Action Pack so there is no possibility of it being Pirate is there? :^0


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thats funny

by Slayer_ In reply to Well like all things M$ i ...

Cause they did that to my XP license that I paid for, but I Pirated Office 2000, and it actually, even with the newest, shows as ligit :).

It's really not revenge for the 200 dollar XP license they stole, but w/e. I don't buy licences from MS anymore, not after they steal for me... one of the few people in this world that refuses to steal software and music.

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I've no idea what's going on

by jmgarvin In reply to That looks similar

From the sound of it, Ultimate will be OEM??? I just don't get what is going on at MS.

The home user is just going to give up. I know my dad did. He migrated to Ubuntu because it was too complicated to figure out what Vista he needed, so he installed Ubuntu and called it a day.

Is MS trying to lose market share?

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i think what MS is trying to do

by jck In reply to I've no idea what's going ...

is a miserly version of what AT&T did with Unix in the 1970s.

AT&T *gave* Unix to universities free. Hence after about 8 years, a lot of the workforce that had come out of colleges was...Unix-trained. Companies started moving away from leased IBM mainframes and toward Unix-based mini-computers.


Now, Microsoft is going after the poor populous by fishing in the third-world regions with, what in the 1990s would have essentially been tagged as, "crippleware".

Amazing. I do hope they go under by 2020.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Seriously Microsoft!!?? ...

I would prefer that they concentrated on one version that will work out of the box. Bean counters are running the show these days.

edited to add counters

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