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Current setup is a workgroup but am switching to a domain on server 2003. If the router is currently set up for DHCP & DNS could you configure the server 2003 with AD and DNS then add client machines to the domain individually without disrupting the current workgroup? If not what is the best way to set up a test network?


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What/where are the shared resources?

by Churdoo In reply to server 2003

The answer depends on where the shared resources are that the workgroup members are accessing. If they are merely sharing an internet connection and are not sharing files or printers, then yes, you can do what you suggest. I would just modify your suggestion by also having the Server 2003 take DHCP at the same time. The workgroup computers will still gain DHCP leases from the Server and will utilize its DNS no problem, and joining the AD when it's time will be that much easier.

Even if they are sharing files or printers, that's not a show-stopper to doing a one-by-one migration, you may just have to get handy with the net use commands with the /user: switch and batch files

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shared resources

by trbleshooter In reply to What/where are the shared ...

Some users are sharing printers that are connected to another PC. I guess i am most concerned that as i am setting up the new server to be the DHCP, DNS and the new fileserver it does not disturb the users from accessing the windows 2000 server set up in the workgroup and not in a domain. The current workgroup setup has the router supplying DHCP and DNS. I want to migrate to the domain on my own time.

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No problem

by Churdoo In reply to shared resources

From the standpoint of DHCP/DNS, introducing the 2003 Server and Active Directory will not affect the WORKGROUP. The WORKGROUP is not using DNS for local name resolution, it's using local NETBIOS calls. This will not change with the new server providing DHCP/DNS and so your WORKGROUP should continue on as is until you migrate its members into the AD. You can do this in your own time.

What I was trying to say in my last post, when you migrate an individual workstation into the AD, if it has to continue accessing WORKGROUP resources, you may run into issues with usernames/passwords depending on how you have security set up on the workgroup. And especially when you migrate a workstation that shares resources, i.e. printer or files, then workgroup computers will definitely have to change the way they access those shared resources until they become members of the AD.

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by trbleshooter In reply to No problem

Thanks Churdoo, I appreciate the help.

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