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    server 2003


    by chosen ·

    i have 11 server 2003 computers in a lab environment all on the same network…while we can all ping each other using the ip address, i cannot connect to any of the boxes remotely from any other…after selecting a server from the browse list and trying to open it, the log on window pops up asking for the logon…the username/password for all of the boxes is the same but access/log on is denied…what should we do…thanks…

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      by razz2 ·

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      “a lab environment all on the same network”

      I assume you mean on the same ip network. Are they domain
      controllers? Are they in the same domian or forest?

      If they are DC’s in seperate domains/forests then you would
      need trusts.

      I don’t have enough info though. Are there any errors in event
      logs on the server that is denying the logon?


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      by cg it ·

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      the security properties in the local security policy on each server needs to have all other servers listed in the “access from the network” policy. The local security policy for each member server is preventing others on the network access. even if you share a folder, assign permissions to users, users are all the same accounts on every server.

      Windows 2003 server has enhanced security parameters that Windows 2000 server does not. Remote access is one such policy. Like Windows 2000 server, Windows 2003 server does have remote administration mode for remotely accessing the server via UNC \\

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        by cg it ·

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        it would be advantageous to move to a domain environment in lieu of a peer to peer environment when using Windows 2003 server or go with Linux/Suse servers.

        Hate to say this but Windows 2003 server just isn’t designed to operate in a peer to peer environment e.g. having a large server farm of individual, disjointed servers. Linux/Suse/Unix are more compatible in a server farm environment. Windows 2003 is really a domain O/S.

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