Server 2003 Activation

By alexr ·
My 30 days activation period comes to the end but I'm not sure if I really have to do this activation. Does anybody know what's gonna happen after this 30 days period will be expired? What does this activation give me?


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Wasn't curious enough to see

by CG IT In reply to Server 2003 Activation

you could wait and then tell us what happens.

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stop working

by jraster In reply to Wasn't curious enough to ...

I believe your server will stop functioning till you activate it.

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Easy Answer would be

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to stop working

Wait and see....

Alt you could try or give MS a call.

Why do you not want to activate it anyway?

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I'll tell you why

by alexr In reply to Easy Answer would be

Because I'm not sure about commitment I'm taking by doing that. It's just not clear to me. Except about 1 year ago I installed server 2003 in my office that I have never activated and it works just fine. And I don't remember after installation I had any activation issue...

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limited functionality

by myboxofmail In reply to stop working

If you do not activate after 30 days, no one will be able to log in to the machine. However, most services will continue to run. Any shares will still be accessible, including the C$ and D$ default administrative shares. So, you are not going to lose total access to files, but your server isn't going to be useful for much. You could technically continue to use the server as a limited file server. However, I imagine this would be considered software piracy.

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it will most likely break something

by lowlands In reply to Server 2003 Activation

The product activation is just an Anti-Piracy measure MS has taken. You send them a number, they verify if that key is already in use and send you back a verification. From what I can tell, the server itself will keep running, but users will not be able to log in.

for more info:

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Server 2003 Activation ,you done or not

by luxluv2002 In reply to Server 2003 Activation

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dear check this

by smartheart.khan In reply to Server 2003 Activation

2. Edit the key OOBETIMER. Change at least three of the binary values therein.
3. Close REGEDIT.
4. Go to Start | Run, and type c \windows\systems32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a
5. This will launch the Product Activation screen. You should be able to specify a new product key on the second screen by selecting "Change Product Key."

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