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Server 2003 Active Directory and WHS Backup

By Grtming ·
I have WHS on my home network. We've just installed a new network at my office (Server 2003 R2) and I made the suggestion that we should use WHS to backup the office clients. Installed it and things are good, all clients backup nightly. Then I got to thinking why not backup the server too. We use an internet backup service but restores take quite awhile. Searched the web and the only thing I found was the client backup was supported.

I've devised a bit of a work around and would like some feed back on the idea.

Whs backs up our clients every night between Mid night and 6AM, so I installed the WHS client on the AD Server and there doesn't seem to be a problem with it. The way active directory works, a restore would not be possible from just the WHS backup. What I did was schedule a System State backup on the server every night at 11:30 PM to a file (.bks) that WHS backs up every night. My thought is if I need to recover the server I can access the System State bks file, restore the server state from that and then restore the files from the corresponding WHS backup.

I know it can't be this simple so before I crash the company network, I thought I would throw the idea out there for some fodder. I am setting up a test lab currently so any feed back would be helpful.

Thanks T

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