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Server 2003 and internet access/network traffic

By crcook84 ·
I am attempting to get more in tune with how Server 2003 works. I got a copy and installed it on a computer and have managed to figure out how to share files based on group permissions (which wasn't all that difficult). Now, I'm trying something else.

I would like to setup Server 2003 to work in conjunction with a router. (Note: This is a home project.) The router uses addresses between That leaves for me to mess with. I've added "DHCP Server" to server roles. I've added a scope and set it up for the ip range. I discovered that the server has to have a static address at the port that will be handing out ip addresses. So, the client-side port has static IP, Gateway, and DNS. The server is handing out ip addresses to several computers.

At this point, my main issue is internet access. Here's a condensed version: computer=>server 2003 computer=>router=>internet. I want to be able to give the computers behind the server 2003 computer internet access. (I would like network traffic as well. But, one thing at a time.) However, I want to do it through the router. Aside from wanting to utilize the firewall, it's an AT&T router, which means it's required for U-verse. I got info from one person who said I needed to setup Scope options for Router and DNS Servers. I did that but am still not getting either internet access or network traffic.

Clint-side port: full static
Google DNS:

What do I have to do to get internet access, network traffic, or both?

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