Server 2003 and logon failure:...

By Mark2.0 ·
I am running Server 03 R2 on a file server at a branch office. The computers on the network all run XP SP2. I get the error "Logon failure: The target account name is incorrect" when trying to file share. the ip address for the server works to get to network resources, but the server name does not. I think this is a replication problem, but I cannot find the specific location to fix the replication problem. I have redefined the DNS and WINS with no luck. Any other ideas?

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a thought.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Server 2003 and logon fai ...

you could try: Remove the server from the domain, login to the DC, remove the server from the computers and user's, replicate, and rejoin the server to the domain.

If its a replication, then its a domain wide problem. Go to the "top of the Food chain" If you fix it at the top it will then work its way down.

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second thougt....

by ---TK--- In reply to a thought.....

here is a search on MS's help and support technical resources on netbios name resolution issue and fixes:

Look through it and see if it might apply to your issue... might help a little...

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Active Directory?

by psingleton In reply to Server 2003 and logon fai ...

Are your Active Directory settings for each username set up to allow the type of file sharing you are attempting? (i.e. Does UserA have permissions to access FolderB?)

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