Server 2003 as a Internet gateway.

By takuya_101 ·
Funny story, a few weeks ago I was going through a few boxes, helping a friend sort out one of this actions madness spends. What made me jump was seeing four retail boxes of server 2003 enterprise (unopened!?), there was no R2 or a service pack, these where really old, there was also Windows 2000 pro OEM, Windows XP retail and Vista upgrade. We found seven opened boxes of the same server version, that where used on nine P3 servers he had picked up. (They all came from the same lot)
Anyway I got one copy of server and man what find.

Anyway I was looking into setting up a Linux gateway/firewall, but because I want to use a USB 3G modem, it was proving to be a pain in the *** setting it up. Ding! 2003, well I have a laptop with Wifi (Atheros), one on-board Land, one PCMCIA LAN and two USB ports, not bad for a P3 laptop.

Now I do plan to install a free anti-virus and firewall, but under Server 2003 is there a way to block websites, I have tried the hosts file in Windows XP, sadly even after a reboot the websites still loaded (I did copy and past and checked what was in the hosts files). Would it be better using the firewall?

Also I need to have a WLAN, so I was hope to know how others found Server 2003 as a Access Point.

So I would have two WAN at anyone time, 3G and Lan PCMCIA, both Lan on-board and Wlan would need to be bridged; as with any Access point. Since I haven't done anything with bridging under windows, do I need to open any ports to allow all traffic?

I'm asking before I try.

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Wow, lots of questions

by robo_dev In reply to Server 2003 as a Internet ...

Easy ones first: Windows 2003 cannot be a WLAN access point.

Windows 2003 with the ICA add-in can perform a basic proxy function, but it's mediocre at best. A typical hardware firewall does not do a good job for content's not flexible enough and it's a royal pain to administrate. You need to use a proxy server for content filtering...

IF you need to do site filtering, there are three directions to go:

Free: Untangle Proxy
This runs on it's own Linux server, but works well

Relatively low cost content-filtering proxy servers
RhinoSoft AllegroSurf
WebSense Express

Either one is a low cost ($40 a seat) content-filtering proxy server that runs on a Windows box very well. AllegroSurf can run on XP, while WebSense requires a server OS such as 2003/2008.

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And furgers

by takuya_101 In reply to Server 2003 as a Internet ...

Well just my luck, I have something that will run my 3G and yet blocking websites it won't do, and damn I forget to add Logging Websites viewed.

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by philldmc In reply to Server 2003 as a Internet ...

I've seen untangle in use at my is a good is free, or at least I think it is..does not take much power to run it.

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