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    Server 2003 CALS problem


    by ian lewis ·


    I have a tricky problem with one of my server which is telling me it has run out of Client Access Licenses.

    In spite of using the Control Panel widget and the License Manager app I can’t get it to permit any more than 3 (or is it 5) connections.

    The server is an HP DL380 with an OEM version of Server 2003 R2 installed. The installation was set for 25 Per Server which I changed to Per seat.

    How on earth does the CALs thing work but nothing I have read from MS makes any sense as it is written in their own special language which bears no link to reality, sound familiar?

    All help gratefully received.

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      Reply To: Server 2003 CALS problem

      by curlergirl ·

      In reply to Server 2003 CALS problem

      Are you using SBS 2003 or Windows 2003 Server? From your description, it sounds like you must be using SBS 2003, but I didn’t want to make any unwarranted assumptions. If you are using SBS, have you installed the license pack for the additional client access licenses? SBS out of the box is only licensed for 5 CALs. You have to installed the additional CALs from a floppy disk (or disks) provided by Microsoft.

      Hope this helps!

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        Reply To: Server 2003 CALS problem

        by curlergirl ·

        In reply to Reply To: Server 2003 CALS problem

        OOPS! Sorry, I was thinking of SBS 2000. You still have to have a license code to install the additional CALs on SBS 2003, but you can do it through the Licensing applet. Did you do this?

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