Server 2003 - companyweb - local access issue

By asdutoit ·
Hi there,

I trust there is some clever people out there that could perhaps assist me with the following:

Installed new SBS 2003.
Setup was done succesfully and everything works except accessing the http://companyweb site from local machines in the network.

The server is not the DHCP server. We use a Router/Gateway that does the DHCP.

Please assist.



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And where is the Web Site located?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server 2003 - companyweb ...

If it's internally look at the target of the workstations and make sure that they are correctly set up.

If it's external look at the setup of the router and again the target of the individual workstations. Also depending on what you have running on the server look at Group Policies preventing the connection or something in Active Directory as a possible culprit.

Feel free to post back with more information if you like.


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Check DNS settings.

by bart777 In reply to Server 2003 - companyweb ...

First make sure the server can see it's own site. You should be able to use the http://companyweb address or http://localhost

If neither of these works then you most likely have an IIS issue.

If it DOES work then you want to go to the desktops and make sure that they are pointing to the SBS dor their DNS resolution. Since your SBS server isn't passing DHCP I would bet you're pointing to an outside source or some other stand alone server.

Best of luck.

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Your Problem lies in DNS

by scubayard In reply to Server 2003 - companyweb ...

Try using a static IP. Find out the IP address of your DC and use it as the primary DNS
Your Local IP subnet is 192.168.5.x
Your DC is
Your Router is

You have a free IP of

Setup your NIC as IP

Again just using the 192.168.5.x as an example. You should be able to connect to your company web.
You should also use the DC as the DHCP server. In the server settings set your Primary DNS and secondary DNS as instructed above.

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Did you run the connect to internet wizard

by CG IT In reply to Your Problem lies in DNS

in the "To do List" on the management console?

if not you need to run the Connect to the Internet Wizard.

for DNS servers if your Router doesn't have DHCP options, then you need to configure static DNS addresses for client computers.

you put the SBS box static address for the first DNS server, then you put your ISP DNS server for second and third [third is on the DNS server advanced settings].

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