Server 2003 connection issues

By mmbc_voltron ·
My server is 2003 with 2 Nics an internal and exteral access. Everything was working. I did change the ip of the external address from to because I am trying to implement a VPN router. After I added the router and set it up with static IP, my WS was able to access the internet for awhile. Then I was tring to setup Remote access and I might have changed something in there that caused it to stop. But I did remove RAS from the server and still the WS can't access the interenet.
The server can access the internet fine with the new settings but other WS can't access the internet unless I add the address from the new router manually to the WS.
Any Ideas?

Internal address

external address

VPN router setup with static IP information.

Cable modem

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Perhaps you don't have a static IP mapping?

by Reb00t In reply to Server 2003 connection is ...

You said you changed the IP of the external NIC. Check your firewall to make sure you're mapped properly.

I'm thinking this is for off-site VPN access, so the info above may not be right.

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to Perhaps you don't have a ...

What may not be right about this setup for VPN?
The cable modem has a spot for staic ip routing, do i need to set this up? and put in the ip of the router?

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more info needed

by CG IT In reply to OK

how are the NICs configured?

e.g. on external NIC, what are the default gateway and DNS servers?

on the internal NIC, what are the default gateway and DNS servers?

do you have DHCP running? if so, on the server or the router?

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here it is

by mmbc_voltron In reply to more info needed

The external nic has the new gateway address of on the DNS it has which i never put, I should change this to my ISP dns or local DNS.
On the internal there is no gateway which is how the wizard set that up from the start. on the DNS it has the same loop back address I will change that to it's own address and test it out. Yes DHCP is running on the server and I did change the scope options to the new router.

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make the changes... should fix the problem

by CG IT In reply to here it is

if you make the changes you mentioned, then it ought to function properly. They way it is configured with the loopback address as DNS, ...won't work.

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still no luck

by mmbc_voltron In reply to make the changes... shoul ...

the changes didn't help. I am going to take out the router and change the ip information to the cable modem.

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to still no luck

Something is still blocking access to the internet on the server. The server has internet access with the gateway
I can ping from the WS to the external nic but not 10.1. No errors in the event viewer except 53258 and MS said you can ignore this. Anything else to try?

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mmm...put cable modem on same network?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Server 2003 connection is ...

i believe you need to set up your cable modem a 192.168.5 address
also make sure gateway info is correct on the WS

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