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    Server 2003: Converting Basic to Dynamic Disc


    by tbillz ·

    Hello. I maintain a Windows 2003 Server for my employer and have run into a problem I’m hoping someone here can help me with. The physical hard drive is currently partitioned into 2 partitions. The first is a 39 mb recovery partition for Dell diagnostic software. The second is the system and boot partition, drive C:. The rest of the space on the drive physically following drive C: is unallocated. We are running out of space, and I would like to allocate more space to the second partition, drive C:.

    Is my best course of action to convert the physical drive from basic to dynamic and then extend the C: drive into the unallocated space? I read that pagefile.sys must be moved to either another partition or physical drive before a disc can be converted from basic to dynamic. Is this true?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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