Server 2003 DHCP Server and DSL Router

By ljbonner ·
I have Windows Server 2003 w/DHCP installed. The DHCP server is working fine, computers can login in using Active Directory. Problem I am having is configuring the internet access between the server and DSL Modem/Router. BTW, I have the DHCP server turned off on the router.

Any Suggestions?

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And the Router is what exactly?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server 2003 DHCP Server a ...

Normally you plug the 2 Wire Plug into the ADSL Jack, the Mains Adapter into the Power Plug and the CAT5 Cable into the RJ45 Socket. The other end of the CAT5 Cable gets plugged into a Second NIC Card in the Server or you can use a Dedicated Gateway Computer if you like.

Now depending on the Router you may need to enter it's Setup Procedure and disable DCHP Sharing, some Routers have this option on by default.

Unfortunately without knowing the Make & Model of the Modem/Router it's not possible to offer any more help. Other than to say if this is a new install the Modem/Router has to be setup before it can be used. Ideally you should use a NB and connect it directly to the Modem/Router and then use the Install Disc that came with the Modem/Router. If ti messes up the NB not a big deal but if you use a Server to do this and the Setup Procedure trashes the Server OS it's going to cost you quite a lot of money in both Lost Production and Downtime to get working properly again. Needless to say if you use the Server to setup the Modem/Router make sure you have a Current Backup before proceeding.


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It is a

by ljbonner In reply to And the Router is what ex ...

Actiontec GT704WG, I am actually implementing a windows server, running a sharepoint intranet. Anyway, I can access the internet when I plug any of the workstations into a port. It is when I turn off the DHCP server on the router is when I get the error. I can login to the domain via AD but when I try to access the web "Page cannot be displayed.

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OK I don't know this particular Make

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It is a

But as it is a WiFi Router you will very likely have to have it distribute the DCHP not the server.

Also if you want to have a WiFi LAN Speak to the Wired LAN you'll need to go into the Setup of the Device and Bridge the Wired & Warless LAN Together. While you have the Setup Panel open change the Following or at least what the Unit will allow to be changed the User Name & Password as well as the PassPhrase. If you do not do this anyone logging onto the WiFi LAN will be able to alter the settings of the Router. :)


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no WiFi

by ljbonner In reply to OK I don't know this part ...

The WiFi is off, just using the router to access the internet.

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Unfortunately it's still the same

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to no WiFi

But I would try the advice int he post below as it may be more helpful.


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you should multihome if you use DHCP

by CG IT In reply to Server 2003 DHCP Server a ...

one NIC your external interface configured for your DSL router addressing, one NIC for your LAN which is a different subnet. you can use DHCP but you will have to setup options that tell DHCP clients what your DSL router is. believe that's option 3 . you also have to setup options for DNS and set that for your ISP DNS servers [if your not hosting DNS eg non active directory services network]

if you want to use a single NIC, then you should consider static addressing for clients as well as your server, with the default gateway your DSL router, DNS address would be your ISP provided DNS server addresses.

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