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server 2003 dns problem mabey

By byteside ·
I have a server running SBS 2003. I have had it set up as follows: Internet connection->router->switch->server and all workstations. Three workstaions are able to access server resources via Active directory and three are only using switch and router to access internet. One nic in server. yesterday my isp changed there DNS servers which should not have affected me but I think it has. The say the problem is on my side. I had my server configured as follows: static ip, gateway was pointing to router and DNS was pointing to server static ip. No DNS or DHCP on router. All pc's connected by DHCP. Everything worked great untill yesterday. No Internet on anything. Could ping everything. ISP said it is my problem. Replaced router changed server ip and gateway. Got Internet and server resources on my three workstations that use active directory. Server says it is connected to internet by no page can be displayed. the three pc's not using active directory can not get on the internet. I am lost and desperatly need to get back up and running. Please help.

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by AmberHaze In reply to server 2003 dns problem m ...

start by checking if you can ping and tracetr to a know ip address.

(if you don't have any handy, feel free to use one of my server addy's

if this works... try the same test with a domain name such as

If this fails as I suspect it will, your problem is in your hard coded ip addresses on your server. Since you set your server's nic for static IP, the DNS addresses would also have been set staticaly.

Also, you need to check the config of your DNS service on your server to check for the config of your forward lookup zone.

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by byteside In reply to server 2003 dns problem m ...

Thanks for the quick response. I did finaly figure it out with the help of a friend. I did have the wrong dns ip addresses. All is cool and up and running again. Thanks again for your help.

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