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    Server 2003 DVD Backup?


    by eric ·

    Quite simply, I would like to be able to do backups to DVD. Is there a software package out there that will do it? I thought that Microsoft was going to write drivers to support DVD writers for server ’03? Although a product like Roxio Backup MyPC is not stated to work on this platform does anyone have any experience with it doing so?

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      Reply To: Server 2003 DVD Backup?

      by bschmidt ·

      In reply to Server 2003 DVD Backup?

      BackupNOW v.4 works pretty well, I’ve used it on several servers with no problem. Relatively cheap too. It will do DVD/CD, external/internal HDD etc., however I don’t think it can back up to tape drives so take that into consideration in case you should ever want to use tapes.

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