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Server 2003 Folder Redirection & Permission Issues

I have read thru about 10 different scenarios and tried each of the solutions listed here. Some are very closely related to my issue. I hope someone will be able to assist in resolving my issue.

To start off this network was a mess and the organization of AD was completely a mess. Folder Redirection was enabled however when users sat at multiple pc's their homeshares would be redirected into different locations. I have condensed all the locations into one specific location ...homedir\staff\%username% etc etc. I went thru AD, Cleaned up the GPO's and created one single GPO responsible for folder redirection as listed above. I have 3 D.C.'s (olddc1, newdc2, newdc3). Offline files are not enabled however it is a possibility to enable if it won't negatively affect the end user or network performance ( In other words looking for a redundancy solution) if I take the main file server offline for maintenance (suggestions appreciated). The main issue is now the clients (all Win Xp sp3) workstations will not let go of the old folder location(...homedir\oldlocation\%username%) . I can't change the location (right click on my documents folder>> properties) of the folder redirection manually from the workstations. I've tried gpupdate /sync and gpupdate /force alternatively and consecutively by logging off and restarting the machines. After, I run a gpupdate and can see that the policies are being pulled from two D.C.'s (olddc1 and newdc2). I believe the issue comes from olddc1. I've powered down olddc1 and on the clients ran gpupdate commands again and the clients can't release the information (in other words gpresult shows that the policy is still being pulled from olddc1). Olddc1 does not have any FSMO roles. Now please note that I have had mixed results where after running both gpupdate sync and force that I have had SOME machines successfully redirect themselves to the new and proper location and not had any issues. There are still a significant number of machines which won't release the old location though.

Second issue:
Same Scenario, same server, same configuration. The newly created target location of the homedirectory for the users seem to not grant them permission to the folder. Someone really jacked up the File/permissions on these shares. I have followed a couple of Microsoft KB articles on how to reset NTFS permissions and have done so and some users can access the documents folder but in short of exclusively granting rights of each user to their own My Documents folder, I seem to have a permission issue on each of these user folders. Troubleshooting steps/hints please.

I need help quickly please. I have subscribed instantly to this thread. So feel free to PM or e-mail me.

Best Regards,

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Server 2003 Folder Redirection & Permission Issues

by SP-Admin In reply to Server 2003 Folder Redire ...

Hi kern

In second issue, don't give \%username% ok
Type user name and give permission particular user.

If you already created home directory for the user,
Administrator to take ownership for the folder and give permission to the particular user.

In the root directory (Staff) remove inherit from parent and remove replace permission entries on all child objects.

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200 users- not a valid option.

by IDEAPCS In reply to Server 2003 Folder Redire ...

First thanks for your reply but the issue is that I have over 200 users. For me to give permission to each individual user will take too much time. I'm pretty sure there's another alternative way to proceed. Any other suggestions?

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You could have had it done per user by now however

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to 200 users- not a valid o ...

But instead you wait and just expect another answer?

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See my other post

by IDEAPCS In reply to You could have had it don ...

Thanks again for your help.

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by IDEAPCS In reply to See my other post

Anyone can possibly provide any more helpful tips please?

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Considering your join date

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Server 2003 Folder Redire ...

you have a cheek to be asking for quick answers for free.

More so when this is posted as a discussion and NOT a question, like it should be.

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by IDEAPCS In reply to Considering your join dat ...

Sir I respected your opinion. I really do and appreciate your time. I realized my mistake regarding the discussion however when I tried to change it and mark it as a question it was too late. TechRepublic has always been a resource where people can share knowledge. Just because my join date states one thing doesn't mean I haven't known or been a part of this community for years. I have been a part of forums and newsgroups for years. I've posted this same question accross multiple forums to Efficiently obtain a number of different answers that may resolve my problem. Yes I'm asking for an answer for free but no I don't believe your answer is the most efficient way to resolve the issue. If I worked in a global Enterprise that answer would be unacceptable. It doesn't make your answer invalid, I'm just looking for a more Efficient way of resolving the issue. I apologize if I offended you it wasn't my intention. Again if anyone has another solution it would be appreciated. I'm putting out multiple fires on this network and this is the only one which has stumped me thus far.

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