Server 2003 Folder Redirection

By ctcbarney ·
Here's my situation....

I work at a school which has several labs, each that require different software. As the desktop for each of the clients in each lab needs to be configured individually, I wanted to setup GPOs for each lab to redirect the desktop in each of the labs to a different "redirected desktop". This makes my life much easier as I can quickly make any changes to the desktop appearance when requested to do so by the instructors.

Each of the lab machines have been put into their own OU. Students are in a separate OU. The basic layout is such:

-Lab1 (OU containing only machines)
-Lab2 (OU containing only machines)
-Lab3 (OU containing only machines)
-Lab4 (OU containing only machines)
-Students (OU containing only users)

The Students OU has a GPO redirecting all students My Docs to their home shares which is working's my problem. When I attempt to apply a GPO to each of the Lab OUs, using Advanced...apply to different groups (students, in this case), the folder redirection for the desktop just will not work. It WILL work if I redirect using the Students GPO so it's not a permissions problem. Unfortunately, using this option only allows me to redirect all students to one location, not the multiple locations I'd like to employ.

My question basically boils down to, can you apply folder redirection to an OU containing only machines in a manner as I've described above?

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Is the policy on the USER or COMPUTER configuration?

by cody In reply to Server 2003 Folder Redire ...

Is the policy on the USER or COMPUTER configuration in your GPO?

Where did you make the change to redirect My Docs? I have a policy for a client of mine but have only applied it to USERS. I checked and couldn't find the same option for the COMPUTER CONFIGURATION section.

Is there a reason why you're applying it to only MACHINES and not Users instead?

What you can do is:
1. Create a security group called something like "Redirect My Documents"
2. Add the users you want into it
3. Change the policy to only apply to that security group instead.

Though there may be a reason why you are wanting to apply it to an OU of only computers instead of users?

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