server 2003 folder shares

By Dean Wheatley ·
I think I have lost the plot here, but..I have a number of folders shared on a file server, I also have a number of global security groups with members in. My understanding is that if i grant access for a group in the folders ACL then any member of that group shold be able to access the folder share, is this correct?

I have checked the effective permissions and the individuals with the sec group show as having the correct level of access. Yet when ever they try and access the share they get a denied message, any ideas?

PS there are no denied priviledges on any of the shares

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by shasca In reply to server 2003 folder shares

Group membership is definitely the best way to manage rights to files and folders. When you make changes to rights you either have to wait for replication, or do a run/gpupdate /force to update rights at the GPO level. Addind someone to a group should be instant though.
If you gave an individual rights at the same level as the group do you still get the same error? If so you do have a rights flow issue at a higher level.

Hopefully others will chime in with their opinions too.

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I agree

by Dean Wheatley In reply to Groups

Groups is the best way to manage permissions, I was under the impression that gpupdate was for GPO's rather than file permissions.
One thing I have found is that the group in question was listed in the Share permissions ACL and the security tab, so i removed all other groupd from the share permissions tab and it seems to have sorted the issue out. Odd really as I would have expected it to be effected in this way. So for future ref I will have only the everyone group in Share permissions and use the security tab for the rest. I have since removed myself from the group in question but I still can access the share, but i'm sure that's a replication thing.


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