Server 2003 ICS with USB 3G Modem

By takuya_101 ·
First off this is only a short term thing and I don't have the money to buy better hardware.

As for the USB 3G, I can get 200kbps which is OK for what I want, Optus in Australia has a pre-paid offer called Data Days, i.e. 3 bucks a day gives you free data and SMS's. 2 Weeks is $42 and 4 weeks is $84. With Telstra its 12 GB a month is $90 and Internet node its 18 for about $80 per month. All three has about the same speed.

See my point?? I have tired it and its about what I get with Telstra, but the data is free. No file sharing, but I don't use p2p applications all that much anyway.

I have a old file server with 2003 installed, a logic board out of a Bigpond 7.2 Home Network Gateway (4 port Lan and WiFi, 3g not working)

Now I have been trying to use this old server to share the internet, but so far nothing has really worked, I don't want 2003 to run DHCP.
My 3G modem shows up as another lan port on my server.
So I have tired two addresses and both come up with odd errors, I have pics with errors:

So any help with this, and yes the server can access the internet through the 3G modem.

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You don't want or need ICS

by robo_dev In reply to Server 2003 ICS with USB ...

This capability is built into Windows 2003 already

If you plan to use Windows 2003 as a firewall/router, my best advice would be 'don't do that'.

Either get a PC-card or ethernet 3G card and plug it into a firewall/router, or use something like monowall, if you have to use what you have.

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Reponse To Answer

by takuya_101 In reply to You don't want or need IC ...

Sorry, but that link you provided isn't what I am looking for, the 3G modem appears as a second Lan port under "Network Connections" with both Windows XP and 2003. Also I have used this type of setup before without any errors, and I found both XP and 2003 kicked up errors.

Now at the time I didn't look too deep into which modem I was getting, but while I could have save a huge amount of money or saved some and gotten a better modem I didn't and now I can't go back. If I had the money there are lots of devices like Wifi routers or dedicated devices that you can plug a 3G modem into and dump it onto a Lan/Wifi network, as I said before I don't have the money.
That and looking at the HCL of these devices (under $100) the Huawei E153 isn't listed (also it isn't listed under the Linux HCL), so I would need to buy a new modem anyway.

This is a temp fix until I can get ADSL, mostly I am waiting for the renewal of the lease where I am and 2 months worth of saving so I can get it connected.

Now for the gateway, thanks for the idea to use monowall, but I would rather keep using Smoothwall Express; I was going to plug server 2003 into smoothwall and have that to get onto the internet.

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So have you run

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server 2003 ICS with USB ...

The Network Setup Wizard on the Sever and shared the 3 G/LAN. It should just be a matter of running the Network Setup Wizard and telling the machine that it connects directly to the Internet and other machines on the network connect through it. Then tell when prompted that the 3G/LAN is the Port to the Internet.

It should automatically set the required IP Address and you don't need to manually mess around.

If that's not what you want to do please be a bit more specific as I'm not really sure what you are trying to achieve other then to share the Net Connection through the 2003 Device.

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Reponse To Answer

by takuya_101 In reply to So have you run

Thanks, but I did one of these things, one was to do that wizard and the other was to enable ICS on the Modem port.
Before I was trying to do it on the Lan port that plugs into the wifi

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Having looked at your two failure images....

by robo_dev In reply to Server 2003 ICS with USB ...

You have an IP address conflict. ICS has it's own DHCP server, and you cannot change the IP addresses it uses. Of course, Windows 2003 has it's own DHCP server, and perhaps you have another router with DHCP enabled? Multiple DHCP servers, like multiple girlfriends, often do not get along well with each other.

To clarify, ICS is needed only for an OS that cannot do routing by default (such as Windows XP). Since Windows 2003 can do routing, you do not need ICS, or it might cause problems, (such as error messages related to duplicate IP addresses :) )

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Reponse To Answer

by takuya_101 In reply to Having looked at your two ...

I guess the fist ting is, Server 2003 will be sharing the internet with the rest of the network, but the internet will go through a Linux filrewall. As you can see I have installed the 3G modem into Server 2003.

I'm fully aware of DHCP conflict, but just how many people do you know or how many dedicated file servers do you know of that also run DHCP? While yes a server can be running duel services, if that file server goes down, so dose that network. The server I am using is missing the storage HDDs, but not the one hosting the OS.

And no the server isn't running DHCP, I should have said this before but I was planing to use static IP addressing between this server and my Smoothwall firewall, I am going to plug this into the red port (Wan) on my firewall.

And I have use this before with Windows XP in the past, but with two LAN ports. I am using the same Class C address behind my firewall that Server 2003 wants to use.

Also the only DHCP server that is running is a Class A address ( I do keep resetting the access point (crappy 3G modem with lan and wifi, the setting for DHCP doesn't allow you to change the DNS, Gateway addresses so fail on that...) I'm not running a DHCP server with that class of addressing locally.

But I have being enabling ICS on the Network port and not the modem, I enabled ICS on the modem port it worked until I pulled it down and try to get it to run where I want the box to be.

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