Server 2003 Issues

By asalive ·
I have a server that is locking up from time to time. I am not able to identify any in the logs that would have caused it to stop. This server is our Domain controller, DNS server, WINS server, and file server. the server will freeze up and needs a hard reboot to get it back on line. As i mentioned the event logs don't seem to show much as to what stopped working. Looking at the task manager while the server is up and running the service.exe process seems to be excessivly high (137,74. Looking at the system devices there is a secondary IDE Channel is showing an IRQ confilct. I am in a little over my head on this one, any thoughs are appreciated.

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Well removing the IRQ Conflict should be your first action

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server 2003 Issues

You can do this by either entering the BIOS and changing the IRQ presets there if the BIOS Supports that option or you can go into the control panel and highlight the device right click on it and select Proprieties from the drop down menu and then selecting the Resources Tab in the next Window to open.

Click on the Change Settings Tab and allocate a IRQ that is not in use.

As for the rest if that doesn't cure the issue try looking at either the Power Supply or any USB that this computer is connected to.


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by pnoykalbo In reply to Server 2003 Issues

Make sure you have the device drivers for all your devices to hand

1. The first job is to uninstall all but one of the devices which are conflicting from windows from Device Manager ('Start'>'Settings'>'Control Panel'>'System' then click on 'Device Manager tab') double-click on a device then click on it's properties tab and choose 'Disable this device (do not use)').

2. Now you need to reserve an IRQ for the device you left installed so that when Windows is restarted and reinstalls the other device(s) it cannot use the IRQ you have reserved which will leave it free for your intended device. You can reserve an IRQ from Device Manager by double-clicking on the 'Computer' icon and choosing 'Reserve Resources' then clicking on the IRQ radio button. You will now be able to choose an IRQ number to reserve - it may be wise to reserve the original IRQ that the device was on as it is likely to function correctly on that IRQ.

3. Now you need to simply restart your system and supply the necessary drivers Windows asks for and it should automatically redefine the IRQ's such that the device you did not uninstall has a unique (i.e. it's own) IRQ.

This method is perfectly valid too for just assigning a unique IRQ to a device in your system if it requires one or you would prefer it to have one. Please note however that some IRQ numbers are pre-reserved for particular devices - usually:

0 - System timer

1 - Keyboard

3 - COM port 2 (serial)

4 - COM port 1 (serial)

6 - Floppy drive controller

8 - System CMOS (BIOS) clock

12 - Mouse

13 - Numeric data processor

14 - IDE controller channel 1

15 - IDE controller channel 2

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by pnoykalbo In reply to Server 2003 Issues

Also try installing the SP2. Are you using the auditing service? This will also cause the service.exe to spike

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Thank-You for all the suggestions

by asalive In reply to Server 2003 Issues

I will systematically go through these tomorrow and report back the findings.

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