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Server 2003 Login Problem

By cc_leo ·
The Server 2003 is a DC. I cann't login to the server either at site or remotely, everytime it'll hang at the portion "Applying Computer Setting", no matter which user account i used, even the built-in administrator. There's no problem to browse the server content remotely. I can only login by safe mode, not even the Directory Service Restore mode. I've tried to use the Last Known Good Configuration, it's still don't help.

My network is isolated from internet, so it's not the virus or spyware problem. The server is running MS SQL2000 & Syspro Accounting.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Server 2003 Login Problem

if i have time i will look this up for you at at the knowledgebase. anything to help us more in the event logs? this sounds like permissions problem on the profiles maybe is my snap answer. you change security lately? remove Everyone maybe?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

also scorn this if you will but you may be panicking a little so make real sure you are waiting it out in case working but other problems. i mean, logon with an aacount that ought to/used to work and then go out to lunch, see if it finished up when i got back...

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by cc_leo In reply to

No modification on security or domain user was did. I've tried to let it run for more than 24 hours, however it still freeze there with the progress bar moving.

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by jguasch In reply to Server 2003 Login Problem

I have seen this several times already. Your active directory is not happy. Or there is a proccess trying to run with the profile your loging into. I would check the events.

We also saw that when your tying to login and it does that "applying computer settings" unplug the network cable for a few second and that will let you in.

After you have loged in, restart the DNS and Net logon service. Then open Active Directory to see if everything is fine.

Did you do a recent pacth or update to this server?

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by cc_leo In reply to

All user profile having the same problem. I tried, but no error shown in the event log. I tried to unplug the network cable as well, still didn't help.
Never update since first installation.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Server 2003 Login Problem

It may be a failing network adapter. I have seen one hang Win2k for 12 min. before. unplug the LAN and try booting. If it comes up, try replacing the NIC. If it still does not work, try reinstalling tcp/ip

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by cc_leo In reply to

Unpluged, but didn't help

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by tarun2k7 In reply to Server 2003 Login Problem

1.Logon through safe mode.Go to documents&setting folder and delete all the profiles.

2.Check the rights on the c: drive.It should be Full Control to Everyone by default.

3.Check Netlogon service,It should be auto running.Also check the DoutFul services related to logon for EX.RPC

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by cc_leo In reply to

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Server 2003 Login Problem


We had a similar problem with our previous Win2k server. The problem was caused by software we had installed. Have you recently installed or updated any software on your server recently?

Also, although you say your network is isolated from the Internet, is it also protected from threats introduced locally - i.e. on disks/media that users bring in from their home machines? It may be worth running a virus check on your 2003 Server Windows folder and Documents and Settings folder from a networked machine.

Good luck

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