server 2003 login screen--FIXED

By dascaris ·
the domain controller is running just fine however i cannot log in to the machine locally because the login screen has disappeared. I rebooted the machine remotely but still no fix. I switched data port on KVM no fix. Does anyone have any clue as to how to get it back? EDIT: After reboot I can no longer remote in.
Thanks in advance!

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by StealthWiFi In reply to server 2003 login screen- ...

When you say disappeared what do you mean exactly?

If you plug a monitor into the server directly is it blank, shows a aqua wallpaper (or Dell wallpaper...)

Did you try plugging a monitor in without the KVM?


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by dascaris In reply to More Detail

It showed the aqua wallpaper with no login screen. I tried switching ports on the KVM and plugging a monitor straight to the server. Tried to get in with remote desktop went through the AD to manage the server then tried using UNC to the c$ share to run CMD still with no success of a graceful shut down. Finally had to hard power down the server while the monitor was still directly attached to watch for any errors. There were no errors and it rebooted with the login screen in tact so I reattched it to the KVM and still had the login screen and can remote in just fine. What the problem was? I can only assume that there was a hang in an application somewhere but cannot really determine this because no errors were ever flagged. Hope this was helpful.

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by StealthWiFi In reply to More Details

sounds like an interesting one, I wonder if somehow someone might have hidden the login box from you, also if it was accidently setup for multiple monitors and the one plugged in wasn;t the main then you would see the aqua paper and no login box.

A hung app sounds about right but no event log for it seems fishy. Make sure you do a good AV scan :)


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