Server 2003 network shares slow under XP

By scott ·
We are converting our network over from Novel to Windows 2003 and have come up with a problem when it comes to the network shares.

When you open a network folder from a XP workstation, either using the name (//server/folder) or a mapped drive, there is a 15-20 second delay. This only occurs the first time you open the share, or if it has been more than 15 minutes since the last time you access it.

It is not a server or network load problem, we planned for extensive expansion and have never reached 10% of the systems capacity.

We still have our old Novel server on the network (don't want to move the user files until this access problem is solved), and if you browse the novel drives their contents come up immediately.

It does not look like a server-side problem as the Win2K clients that are still on the network can access the server 2003 shares immediately.

I have tried several of the solutions I have been able to locate so far, including:
Turning off the Computer Browser on the XP Workstations
Clearing out My Network Places
Disabling the SMB OpLocks (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MRxSmb\Parameters)
Removing the Scheduled Tasks check on remote access (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RemoteComputer\NameSpace)

I'm kinda at the end of my rope here...

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Me Too!

by rvann In reply to Server 2003 network share ...

We've got the same issue here, and it sounds like a very similar environment. Our just started a couple of weeks ago. We're in the process of migrating off of Novell completely. We just rolled SMS 2003 agent to all our boxes. ZEN agent hasn't yet been removed.

Let me know if you've found a solution to this or have more info.

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More Information

by scott In reply to Server 2003 network share ...

Further testing has shown this is an issue only when using the Universal Name of the server.

When accessing the drives directly using the IP address of the 2003 server the delay is only around 4 seconds, vs 20 seconds using the universal name. Again, the Novel server does not have this problem when accessed under the UNC.

We have tried adding a WINS server to the network and correctly changed the settings on the DHCP and router, but this did not correct the problem.

So, this delay is restricted to Windows XP clients accessing network shares on a 2003 server under the UNC name.

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by rvann In reply to More Information

I'll have to do some testing tomorrow and see if using the IP is faster than UNC. Initial tests suggest that might be true here as well.

I just checked our core switch router and it's running at 7%...

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by Shaun.G In reply to Server 2003 network share ...

I have teh same issue with a win xp home pc accessing a win2k sever box.

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It's DNS

by matteustace In reply to Server 2003 network share ...

Your problem is probably DNS related.

XP uses DNS to resolve the names of machines, and turn them into IPs. If they can't work it out through DNS, they then go on to things like WINS.

This is why you get a delay at first, and then it knows the IP. It also explains why using the IP to start with produces no delay.

If you have a local DNS server, it sounds like it is not set up properly.

If you don't, then your Win2k server can act as one. You need the DNS server's IP to be sent out with DHCP.

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Not Likely DNS

by rvann In reply to It's DNS

Ping using hostname resolves without delays. My workstation was having the problem; it's configured with 4 DNS servers.

What IS interesting is that when I remove the Novell client and ZENworks client (I think it's the removal of the Novell client that makes the difference) the problem goes away and accessing mapped drives and shares via UNC is lightening fast.

We've been retiring Netware servers recently because we're moving users' home folders and network storage to Windows servers.

We now only have 4 Netware boxes which remain. But we haven't yet removed the Novell clients which means users are still authenticating to eDirectory.

I have written a script that will remove Novell client and ZEN agents, and we plan to push that out within the next week or so.

I just found a KB document on Microsoft's web site that you might find interesting:

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by matteustace In reply to Not Likely DNS

Maybe your workstation is trying to look for netware servers first.

Have you tried going into Network Connections, Advanced, Advanced Settings and moving TCP/IP to the top of the list of services bound to your network adaptor?

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You're assuming he's running IPX/SPX on older Netware box

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Maybe...

He never indicated the version of Netware, as Netware 5.x, 6.x and up all have native TCP/IP support for the NCP (Netware core protocol) packets, so changing the binding order won't help if IPX/SPX isn't even being used on the Network. Also, Novell is not an OS, it is a company, and Netware is the OS. The two are improperly used interchangeably and causes a lot of confusion and ambiguity.

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I have the same scenario...

by drendon In reply to Server 2003 network share ...

i am currently experiencing the same scenario with one of my servers... this is my 4th server installation in a short period of time at different locations and i cant seem to find an answer to this problem. ONE major difference 3 of the servers are Win 2003 STANDARD edition(they are working OK) and the 4th one is Win 2003 ENTERPRISE. those of you that are having this issue, what OS are you using? could this have anything to do with this issue?

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Any solution

by dlopiccolo In reply to I have the same scenario. ...

Hi I am curious if any of you have found a solution to this? In my case we are accessing a mapped share on a WIn 2003 Iomega Nas. Strictly a windows network. I have one laptop that has no slow down accessing the share on the NAS. Most machines hang 20 seconds. PC's, laptops some gig nic some 100MB. All XP pro SP2. Even rebuilt 2 machines from scratch and installed only office and Win. Slow down seemed to happen when we added a new AD server 2003, old one still on line was 2000. Slow share is not on the AD servers, NAS only stores files.

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