server 2003 not completly on network

By sbutler64 ·
I have a server 2003 that did a MS update and restart last night. Today it is not seen on the network and I cannot map to it. It must be on the network though because the active directory is allowing users to log onto the other client machines. The server can get on the internet. The other computers can connect/map to each other, but the server is not seen. Any ideas please.

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by eltonpiko In reply to server 2003 not completly ...

what is it excatly that you cant get to?can your client conected to your server get acess to the internet also?& if you ping your server ip adress from a client pc do you get any replay or is you try remote desktop connection to long on to the server on a client computer does it goes in ok?

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server for databases

by sbutler64 In reply to network

The server has a database that all clients access. I can ping the server fine, but the nslookup don't work. I think that has something to do with the DNS server which shows to be running now.

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by eltonpiko In reply to server for databases

dont you usualy have a dns service running on that server or you use a separate dns server?

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yes DNS

by sbutler64 In reply to server

yes the DNS is running on this machine. This morning after that update and restart the DNS did not automatically start so I started it and it is running. I'm not sure how to tell if it is configured correctly now. It was working yesterday.

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by eltonpiko In reply to yes DNS

dont you remember your dns settigs?are all your service running in the forward lookup zone and reverse lookup zone if any?try checking dns events to see if theres anyting wrong.but i dont tink that its the dns service thats causing that problem.

do you have any sort of firewall on your server that could be preventing acess to clients if you do try checking it if thers any being block.

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no server firewall

by sbutler64 In reply to dns

The firewall is a watch guard between the DSL router and LAN. I did not set this up originally a doctor moved in from 200 miles away and brought his previous network equipment. It was all working until a couple days ago. I'm obviously not able to set this up anyway. All the clients permissions seem to be still setup in active directory. I'm lost on what to do next. I tried seeing if a client can re connect to the server, but it says domain not availible. The weird part about that is the clients must still be able to get to AD because users authenticate through the server and log onto local clients. any suggestions appreciated.

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by eltonpiko In reply to no server firewall

one thing are your client using static ip adress or youve set it to automaticaly pick up and ip adress from your domain?

and in dnsmgmt on your server option where it says select the ip adress that will serve dns request. have you set it to all ip adress
or only the following ip adress, wich you personaly have to specified if youve used any?and sometimes some router you have to specified your domain name ip i dont no if that your case but if it does make sure make sure its the same as your domain ip.

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