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Server 2003 Problem

By klillico73 ·
I me have some experience with networks, however I have no expericence with servers. To solve this problem I set a lab network at my house and I have a 3 boes on it. One is running Red Hat 9.0, anouther is running Windows XP Pro. and my server is running Server 2003. the Linux box is runnign a filesharing server and a http server and is on a workgroup with the XP box, however I can not get this work group to join the domain can someone give me some possible problems or soultions.

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not joining network

by lcampbell In reply to Server 2003 Problem

Have you promomted your 2003 server to a DC yet?

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understanding the definitions

by Chris.. In reply to not joining network

OK I think your terminology is part of the issues. Workgroups require little or no authentication and really are only around to permit the sharing of common pool resources .. file shares, printers, etc..

Domains are really about security boundries with 2003. **** come to think of it Domains have been that way since 4.0 ... I'm not up on my Linux interoperability, but the XP machine just needs to join the domain. Do note though, that you must be running XP professional to join a domain. that functionality is not available to XP Home.

Does that help?

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