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    server 2003 setup


    by ryan_wicken ·

    i run a small buisness and was wondering if it would be possible to set up my network like this

    internet–> server from a ethernet to a wireless router then to the set of the network from there. i dont fully understand how the router connects to the net so and help woukd be appreciated. the reason i am doing this is to enable vpn. i cant seem to get through my router.

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      by andrew06 ·

      In reply to server 2003 setup

      I know its a stupid question, but did you open certain ports for VPN access?

      so im thinking,

      router -> server <- ethernet <- wireless AP <-- Clients meaning, if I can explain it well enough (The router is plugged in through the uplink to the server, then the ethernet switch into the router and then the wireless into the switch>?

      That would require you to open the VPN ports and setting it up properly under Win 2k3,

      Correct me if im wrong.

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      Generally speaking you can do it that way

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to server 2003 setup

      But I would try to avoid the wireless unless it is absolutely necessary. It has way too many Security Issues for the novice to cope with. It almost always works out cheaper pulling a bit of cable through the place for a secure Network.

      Now depending on the Internet connection Type you can normally get a Router that plugs directly into the Internet and Server and has several LAN connections in the back as well. It all depends on if you want all the Internet traffic to go through the server if you do you’ll have to connect that directly to the Modem through a router and then the switch/hub to another NIC connection in the server.

      Really it all depends on what it is you want to do as to how you go about achieving it.


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