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Server 2003 & Terminal Server

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I have recently switched form a Peer to Peer to a Server/ Client environment. I am new to server managment but I'm sure, just like every other aplication I have tackled, that after a few hundred hours, I will be able to scrape by.

As for now, I can't get past Terminal Server. I was able to install Office 2000 on the server after a couple of days of trial and error w/ the MST & MSI files but I still don't think it's quite right on the server. Anyway, since I'm not familliar with Terminal Server, I'm ot sure how to log on to it from my laptop (client). I can log on to the Server via Remote Desktop or through My Network Places but I am never offered to log on to a T.S. session. I have added a regestry value called Runonce that is supposed to provide clients with the initial setup version of Office 2000. I have been over and over the literature I have but, I can't find any thing in regards to the client except to add client rights in Computer Management. But in my console tree, there is nothing that says "Users & Groups". I might have somehow altered that in server configuration and I'm going to check that next.
Meanwhile I would like to hear from some of you that aer familliar with Terminal Server. Thanks,
Anguished Andy

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Server 2003 & Terminal Se ...

Wait, wait, wait.

"I can log on to the Server via Remote Desktop"

So, when you run Remote Desktop from your WinXP machine, you click Add New Connection, put in the name and IP address of the Win2K3 server, then you are able to connect to it? You get, in the Remote Desktop window, a login/password box????

Then you ARE logged in via Terminal Services. That is it!

I don't understand why you are saying you can't log into TS on the server when it sounds like you ARE logging into the server via TS. Remote Desktop is just the new TS client program to use to connect via TS.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to

And here is a link for the Office compatibility scripts you will need to run so Office programs will work for TS users:

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by timwalsh In reply to Server 2003 & Terminal Se ...

Are trying to set up a network installation point for Office (i.e. the installation files exist in a central location that can be accessed by all clients), or are you try to configure the application to be run on the server through Terminal Services (TS)?

A couple of things:
1. In order for clients to run applications on the server through Terminal Services, you must install Terminal Services in Application Server mode. If it is installed in remote management mode, only administrators, and only 2 at a time can log on through TS.
2. If applications are run through TS in application server mode, no part of the application needs to be installed on the client computer.
3. To install an application on a server to be accessed through TS, you just install the application as if it were being installed on a desktop.
4. If you are just setting up an network installation point, don't forget that you still must have sufficient licenses for all clients.
5. If you are planning on running Office on the server through TS, you must have a TSCAL for each clinet connecting through TS.
6. If you are using WinXP, Remote Desktop is the equivalent of the TS client. If you are running any other Windows OS, you must download and install the Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft.

Hope this helps.

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