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Server 2003 to replace Server 2000

By riccardothomas ·
I have a situation where I have a Server2000 which needs to be replaced by server 2003. I have put the 2003 server on the network however the Server 2000 does not recognise the 2003 server as a domain controller.
1: I need to have these servers comunicating.
Im afraid to run dcpromo on the server 2000 because it's the main domain dontroller. BUT I need to replicate AD Across to the 2003 server.

What worries me that the 2000 sever does not recognise the new 2003 server.When can i run dc promo on the 2000 server if i can't replicate initially.

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by CG IT In reply to Server 2003 to replace Se ...

well if the W2K server is already a DC you don't run dcpromo. all that does is promote or demote to or from a DC which is alreayd is.

you might try dcpromo promote the W2003 member server to promote it to a DC on the domain.

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by riccardothomas In reply to

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by lowlands In reply to Server 2003 to replace Se ...

Not sure why you rejected the previous answer. because what CG mentioned it totally true.

So maybe you can answer some questions. Did you already run dcpromo on the 2003 server, that went fine, but the 2000 server is still having issues seeing the 2003 server as a domain controller? If that is the case you might have to verify the AD DNS entries.

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by CG IT In reply to Server 2003 to replace Se ...

well turns out he didn't addprep/forestprep and addprep/domainprep so that the W2K server can be a DC. That's all he has to do before he runs dcpromo promote the W2003 server to a DC on a W2K domain.

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by CG IT In reply to

ooops addprep/forestprep addprep/domainprep on the W2K DC server to add the W2003 server as a DC.

W2003 schema is different than W2K so the necessity of addprep/forestprep addprep/domainprep

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by Ian Lewis In reply to Server 2003 to replace Se ...

Microsoft provide a very clear list of tasks to follow (with all the usual caveats) when upgrading your domain to W2K3, which is what you're doing.

My guess is at the end of the process the W2K3 server will become the Primary DC.

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MS server 2000 to MS server 2003

by danzspot In reply to Server 2003 to replace Se ...

If I remember correctly, you will need to set up the replication in server 2003 to see the server 2000 appliance and config the replication in management tools. Do you want to switch from the 200o server from the DNS server to the 2003 server, and then get rid of the 2000 server? As far as the both communicating you will need to check your network status, your services and permissions. Good Luck !

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