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Server 2003: Transferring Roles

By powlboyjr ·
I'm a new technician in my company and we have a problem that we don't seem to understand. Currently we have DNS and Active Directory running on a Windows 2003 Server(server1) in our network. What we want to do is push all Active Directory and DNS services to a new server(server2) so that we free up server1 for other tasks.

We have installed DNS and AD on server2 already and tried to transfer the operations master role, which successfully completed. We transferred the RID master role, PDC emulator role, and the infrastructure master role to server2 successfully. Once this happens we cannot log into certain company software or sychronize any network folders.

I have read about two other roles, the domain naming master role and the schema master role, that can also be transferred, but I have not tried those two yet. I plan to do this within the next day or two.

Also, we have given server1 a new ip address( and given the old address to server2( to cut the time needed to change the static DNS servers.

Any help would be appreciated. If you need more statistics just ask. THanks.

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by CG IT In reply to Server 2003: Transferring ...

there are 2 roles that can not be delegated to other servers. The Schema Master Role and Domain Naming Master role. These are on the first DC of the forest/domain.

The Global Catalog role is required for DCs to perform authentication of users. A DC without this role can not authenticate users therefore is there are 2 DCs on the network and only one GC and that server goes down, users will not be able to login to the domain. Further, the sysvol share folder and Netlogon share folder also must be accessible.

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by lowlands In reply to Server 2003: Transferring ...

I don't completely agree with CG. All roles in AD can be transfered. View link for all procedures, saves me a lot of typing.

He is correct that you want to make sure your new server is a Global Catalog. Also verify all domain entries have been properly populated in your DNS. Use 'nltest' for that.

Just changing ip's will not take care of everything since some of the domain DNS entries are SID based.

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by powlboyjr In reply to

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by powlboyjr In reply to Server 2003: Transferring ...

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