Server 2003 x86 to Server 2008 x64 Migration

By maru3445 ·
Need Some urgent help here. In a couple of weeks we will be performing an upgrade from server 2003 to server 2008. Currently we have 2 servers running WinServer 2003 x86, one is the "primary" domain controller, and the other is a backup domain controller. I need to upgrade these both to Server 2008 x64 (using the same hardware). Now I know I need to do a clean install of Server 2008. So here are my plans. Make sure the backup server is up and running and authenticating people properly. Then I will take down the primary server, **** it away, install Win Server 2008 x64, add it to the domain, make it the primary domain controller, make sure the AD is replicated to it. Then I can take down the other server and upgrade it.

This is a very basic plan. here is where the help is needed. 1)is this correct 2)what are the specific steps

Any and all help would be appreciated

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perhaps this will get u started

by computechdan In reply to Server 2003 x86 to Server ...
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might consider what happens when you

by CG IT In reply to perhaps this will get u s ...

remove a DC without demoting it. Also consider which one holds the FSMO roles. Another feature is DNS. Active Directory doesn't work without it.

Microsoft Technet has many many articles on domain controllers, their roles, how to demote a domain controller, DNS, Active Directory etc.

The one I suggest you read is the one about losing a domain controller which can't be put back online and that domain controller had all the FSMO roles.

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Please check processor

by b4real Contributor In reply to Server 2003 x86 to Server ...

Make sure the hardware can support x64!

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